The Facts on Phosphorus and Manure in Manitoba

There are many contributors to Lake Winnipeg’s condition. Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board developed the following list of phosphorous contributors.

  • 53% outside sources (32% USA)
  • 17% natural and undefined sources (eg. septic fields)
  • 15% agriculture (of which hogs contribute only 1.5%)
  • 9% municipal/Winnipeg wastewater
  • 6% atmospheric

Source: Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board December 2006 report Reducing Nutrient Loading to Lake Winnipeg and its Watershed

  • Manure is a valuable by-product of animals. In fact, the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission stated that use of manure as fertilizer on crop land should be encouraged, where practical, over the use of synthetic fertilizers because it helps build soil.
  • Manitoba’s larger pork producers (300 Animal Units or more) submit annual manure management plans, keep detailed manure application records, complete annual soil testing and manure analysis, and share their environmental records with the provincial government.
  • By law, farmers must not allow manure to run off into waterways.

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Tricia Schmalenberg, Environmental Manager with Maple Leaf Foods, talks about how regulating, upgrading and modifying lagoons is an important part of the work she does to minimize impact to the environment and protect Manitoba’s precious groundwater

Tricia Schmalenberg – I am Part of the Solution
Protecting Manitoba’s precious groundwater.


Sheldon Stott – I am Part of the Solution
Use of GPS technology to ensure nutrient run off does not enter lakes and streams.


Sheldon Stott, Director of environmental affairs with Hylife, a Manitoba pork producer, talks about the use of GPS technology in his industry’s commitment to the protection of our environment. Learn how the company he works with strives to reduce their overall environmental footprint on a daily basis.


Scott Dick – I am Part of the Solution
Testing the water in monitoring wells to provide accurate reporting for the protection of our groundwater.


Scott Dick, Nutrient Management Specialist with Agra-Gold, a Manitoba pork producer, demonstrates how he samples water from monitoring wells around manure storage systems as an early detection system and to ensure the accurate reporting to protect our groundwater.


George Bilinsky – I am Part of the Solution
Using injection method to ensure Manitoba’s farmlands receive the full benefit of organic fertilizer.


George Bilinsky, Director of Manure Management Planning with Farmers Edge, a Manitoba pork producer, talks about how his company bests uses the valuable organic nutrients available by injecting them into the ground of farmland, ensuring there is no runoff into nearby groundwater.


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