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Did you know?

  • Winnipeg is home to the largest bacon processing facility in Canada. The 270,000 square foot Maple Leaf Foods plant on Lagimodière produces more than 25 million kilograms of bacon each year. That’s enough to fill more than 13 Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • “To bring home the bacon” is a phrase that comes from the ancient sport of catching a greased pig at county fairs. The winner kept the pig and literally “brought home the bacon.”
  • In the 12th century, bacon was given as a reward to any married man in the English town of Dunmow who could swear before the church that he had not quarrelled with his wife for a year and a day.
  • In 1920, a Parisian butcher developed a bacon-scented cologne, combining 11 essential oils with the essence of…BACON.
  • Different countries get their bacon from different parts of the pig. Bacon traditionally classified as “Canadian” bacon comes from the back, while American, English and Italian bacon traditionally comes from the belly. When Julius Caesar landed in Britain in 55 BC, he brought his own bacon with him.
  • Bacon is one of the oldest-known preserved meats in the history of the world. The ancient Chinese first began curing pork bellies with salt in 1500 BC – and people have been raising pigs for food since 7000 BC!
  • Bacon is eaten for breakfast 70 percent of the time, for lunch 11 percent of the time and as a snack 2 percent of the time.
  • Bacon is both a science and an art! The perfect strip has been determined to be 65% lean and 35% fat, plus a good dark colour on the meat.
  • Different smokes for different folks: of all the different wood chips used to smoke bacon, maple is the most popular.
  • The word “bacon” comes from the German word “bacho,” meaning “buttock.”

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Bacon Links

You’ll be amazed at the variety of bacon products on the Maple Leaf Foods website

On the Food Network Canada website, you’ll find over 300 bacon recipes, creative bacon how-tos, bacon 101, bacon for every meal, beyond strip bacon… and more!


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