Board Of Directors

Manitoba Pork’s Board of Directors



George Matheson (Chair)
Phone: 204.467.5941
Cell: 204.461.0221
Stonewall, Manitoba

Rick Préjet (Executive Member)
Phone: 204.248.2699
Cell: 204.723.0163
Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba


Rick Bergmann (Vice-Chair)
Cell: 204.371.0222
Steinbach, Manitoba

Scott Peters (Executive Member)
Phone: 204.346.4521
Steinbach, Manitoba


Calvin Penner
Cell: 204.383.5468
Argyle, Manitoba

Lyle Peters
Cell: 204.371.8978
Randolph, Manitoba


Edward Stahl
Grass River Colony
Cell: 204.841.0060
Glenella, Manitoba


James Hofer
Starlite Colony General Delivery
Phone: 204.735.2229 (x 223)
Cell: 204.293.8935
Starbuck, Manitoba


Glen Gratton
Maple Leaf Agri-Farms
Phone: 204.355.6264
Cell: 204.228.1486
Landmark, Manitoba


Claude Vielfaure
HyLife Ltd.
Phone: 204.424.6001
Cell: 204.346.2158
La Broquerie, Manitoba

Chop Talk – Issue #19Jul 29th, 2015

Read Online: Chop Talk – Issue #19 – July 29, 2015 In this issue of Chop Talk: Bacon Makes it Better! Human resource initiative launched for independent producers; August 21: Swine Health Professionals Producer Meeting; Bacon does make it better; …

News and Events

Starting or Expanding a Pig Farm in Manitoba

Monday, June 29, 2015

Here is the most recent version of Starting or Expanding a Pig Farm in Manitoba – A Step-by-Step Guide – June 2015.  Click on the image below:                

PigTrace Update – June 2015

Thursday, June 04, 2015

PigTrace Update (June 2015)   REFLECTING ON PIGTRACE AFTER ONE YEAR As PigTrace Canada nears the 1 year anniversary as the country’s mandatory pig traceability program, the number of pig movements reported to its national database is closing in on …

Wandering Sow Update

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Wandering Sow Update On Friday, the pig in question continued its journey as intended by its owner. The sow was marketed on Friday, May 29th and processed on Monday, June 1st. Manitoba Pork has received numerous requests for information from …

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