Programs and Services

To ensure producers have access to all the support and advice they need to be competitive, successful and informed, Manitoba Pork provides a comprehensive suite of programs and services producers can use.


Financial Programs

Click on the links below for financial advice, assistance and program funding for Manitoba pork producers.

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Producer Registration

All hog producers and hog production premises must register with Manitoba Pork. You can find all of the forms, requirements and information you need here.

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Find out how to transport hogs from barn to barn or from barn to the processor, in a safe, low-stress and humane way. Information on the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is also available here.

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Swine Health and Disease Management

To maintain high herd health, Manitoba Pork provides producers with a variety of tools and information on best biosecurity practices, PRRS, and other diseases that affect pigs.

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Manitoba Hog Grading

Access all of the information you need on MPC’s Manitoba Hog Grading service.

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Industry Training

Find all of the training programs and courses offered by MPC in conjunction with Assiniboine Community College for members of the hog production and transport industries.

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Find all of the information you need on CQA and ACA programs that are administered by Manitoba Pork which provide producers with the ability to validate that specific standards are being used in the production of pork for consumers.

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Workplace Safety and Health / HR

Manitoba Pork in conjunction with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba have provided a detailed list of information and resources with the goal of improving working conditions and worker safety within the hog production industry.

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Emergency Response

A comprehensive list of contact numbers and information you need in the case of hog transportation accidents, manure storage system failures, power line emergencies, animal neglect and emotional crisis.

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PigTrace Canada

PigTrace Canada is an industry-lead initiative of the Canadian Pork Council that has developed a world-class swine traceability system.

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Starting or Expanding a Pig Farm in Manitoba

At the request of Manitoba Pork, DGH Engineering Ltd. has prepared a detailed budget estimate to construct new hog finisher facilities in today’s market conditions. Click on the following links to view the reports and appendices: 1600 Head Hog

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Chop Talk – Issue #6-2017Apr 13th, 2017

In this issue of Chop Talk:   AGM 2017: It’s a wrap! Annual Banquet 2017: An evening to remember; Nutrient ban lifted; KAP’s carbon policy; Careers. Read Online: Chop Talk – Issue #7-2017 – April 13, 2017       …

News and Events

Manitoba Pork helps Siloam Mission ‘Make Room’

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 11, 2017 (Winnipeg MB) – On April 5, Manitoba pork producers and industry partners gathered for the 2017 Manitoba Pork Annual General Meeting and Banquet. The highlight of the event came when Chair George Matheson presented a cheque for …

2017 Annual General Meeting & Banquet

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Manitoba Pork’s 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, April 5 at The Fairmont Winnipeg. The meeting drew a large audience to hear presentations on what Manitoba Pork accomplished in 2016 and what we have planned for 2017, plus updates from …

Swine Cost of Production Model for Manitoba

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Manitoba Pork has worked with MNP, an accounting and consulting company, to develop different model farms to generate cash flow projections and trial balance sheets to provide some insight into the economics of the industry. Click here to access information on: …

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