Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv)

PEDv can affect all pigs and is often fatal to newborn pigs. However, it does not affect any other species, including humans, and is not a food safety issue.

PEDv is primarily transmitted through feces. Clinical signs include excessive scouring, wasting, vomiting, and newborn mortality. Washing and disinfecting livestock trailers is the most effective way to prevent its spread. PEDv is a reportable disease in Manitoba. Find out more:

PEDv Informational Pamphlet (Manitoba Pork, Dec 2013)

PEDv and SDCv – as well as TGE – are all coronaviruses. SDCv shows very similar clinical signs to PEDv and can be prevented in the same ways. SDCv has been found in U.S. and Canada. Find out more:

Swine Delta Coronavirus (SDCv) Advisory (OMAF, March 18, 2014)


Update in Manitoba (Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development, MAFRD)

Update in Ontario (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food, OMAF)

Update by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Update in USA (American Association of Swine Veterinarians, AASV)

National Pork Board (USA) Updates and Resources

PEDv archives

PEDv Town Hall calls

June 25, 2014 – Listen here
March 21, 2014 – Listen here
February 19, 2014 – Listen here
January 31, 2014 – Listen here


If you have immediate questions or concerns, please call Manitoba Pork at 204-237-7447, toll free at 1-888-893-7447 or call Mark Fynn, Manager of Animal Health and Welfare Programs, at 204-235-2302 or mfynn@manitobapork.com

Chop Talk – Issue #4-2017Mar 1st, 2017

In this issue of Chop Talk: Manitoba Pork’s Annual General Meeting & Banquet – April 5, 2017; HR Recruitment Seminars: register now! Best practices for injecting pigs; CSHIN 2016 Q4 producer report available online; Going viral: Smart Pig Handling; Canada …

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Swine Cost of Production Model for Manitoba

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Manitoba Pork has worked with MNP, an accounting and consulting company, to develop different model farms to generate cash flow projections and trial balance sheets to provide some insight into the economics of the industry. Click here to access information on: …

2017 Annual General Meeting & Banquet

Monday, February 27, 2017

Plan to attend the Manitoba Pork Annual General Meeting & Banquet on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at The Fairmont Winnipeg. Click here to see the agenda. Register for the day’s proceedings and/or the evening banquet by March 30 as follows: – …

Manitoba pork producers welcome updated building code

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Media Release, Winnipeg: On behalf of Manitoba pork producers, Manitoba Pork Chair George Matheson welcomes the Government of Manitoba’s recent commitment to repealing the Manitoba Farm Building Code, and amending the Manitoba Building Code by adding specific provisions for farm …

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