As of December 2015, Manitoba Pork had spent almost $9.3 million on third party independent research since 1999 and continues to place a high priority on impactful and informative swine-related research.

Manitoba Pork does not conduct original research in-house. All Manitoba Pork research funding goes to independent outside bodies which in turn conduct original swine research. These research institutions include:

  • Swine Innovation Porc (SIP)
  • University of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
  • National Centre for Livestock and the Environment (NCLE), University of Manitoba
  • Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative (MLMMI)
  • Prairie Swine Centre
  • Others, including Prairie Improvement Network and the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium

In order to view the research results from these institutions, click on the various links below.


Report on Phosphorus in Soils in Manitoba (formerly known as Steve Sheppard’s Report)

A copy of a report from a noted soil scientist de-bunking some of the myths about phosphorus and manure in Manitoba soils.

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Swine Innovation Porc

Swine Innovation Porc (SIP) is the Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster and has funded close to $12 million in swine research across Canada. MPC provides partial funding for SIP. Visit the SIP home page.

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Prairie Swine Centre

Prairie Swine Centre (PSC) is a research facility located near Saskatoon and has provided and continues to produce significant swine-related research. MPC provides partial funding for the PSC. Visit the PSC home page.

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Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council

The Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council (MRAC) is a government-funded body, which funds research into agricultural issues and in particular, new agricultural initiatives. Visit the MRAC home page.

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National Centre for Livestock and the Environment

The National Centre for Livestock and the Environment (NCLE) is located at the University of Manitoba’s Glen Lea Research station where a significant amount of research on livestock has been generated and continues to be performed. The MPC provides partial research funding to the NCLE.

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Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative

The Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative (MLMMI) is an independent body, which funds research into issues associated with livestock manure. The MPC partially funds the MLMMI.

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Chop Talk – Issue #6-2017Apr 13th, 2017

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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2017 Annual General Meeting & Banquet

Thursday, April 06, 2017

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Swine Cost of Production Model for Manitoba

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Manitoba Pork has worked with MNP, an accounting and consulting company, to develop different model farms to generate cash flow projections and trial balance sheets to provide some insight into the economics of the industry. Click here to access information on: …

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