Bacon Makes it Better

Breakfast Sandwich 2
The Farmer Breakfast Sandwich

Sausage patties, like all ground meats, should always be cooked to well-done.

Chilli 1
Sausage and Bacon White Bean Chili

Not all sausages are created equal or made the same. For a stand-out chili, start with high quality ingredients. Visit your local butcher shop for fresh sausages made with few fillers or preservatives.

Marmalade 3
Sweet & Savoury Bacon Marmalade

Use this sweet and savoury treat as a condiment on everything from sandwiches and wraps to grilled meats and seafood. Or simply spread it on toasted bread or crackers and enjoy.

Pulled Pork & Bacon Nachos Supreme
Pulled Pork Nachos Supreme with Tex-Mex Candied Bacon Chips

Sugar and spice glazed bacon chips turn a meal-sized tray of loaded pulled pork nachos into seductive game day fare one gratifying mouthful at a time.


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Maple-Bacon Chops with Apricot-Bourbon Baste
Grilled Bacon Chops with Apricot Bourbon Glaze

Salty, smoky bacon partners perfectly with the essence of real maple syrup, warm spices and a sweet bourbon-infused jam. These chops smack with flavour!

Bacon Butter Tarts
Ooey-Gooey Bacon Tarts

The addition of crunchy bacon makes baked goods blush and satisfies the palate’s craving for something a little salty AND sweet.

Apple Bacon pancake
Baked Apple & Bacon Pancake

Sugar and spice-dusted apples benefit from the addition of bacon that’s been smoked over glowing applewood embers, creating a flavour bomb of guilty pleasure.

BLAT Wrap with Homemade Baconnaise
B.L.A.T. Wrap with Bacon Mayo

A double hit of crisp, salty meatiness is the secret to creating a lip-smacking wrap that leaves you feeling blessed by bacon.

Pork Burger with Bacon Jam
Grilled Pork Burgers with Bacon Onion Jam

Easy, no fuss pork burgers come alive when generously topped with a sweet and savoury bacon-based jam – a smoky spread that's simply irresistible!

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