Flash in the Pan

Chutney resized
Pork Loin Chops with Cranberry-Peach Chutney

Chops and other cuts from loin are their tender and juicy best when cooked to a rosy centre. Always allow larger cuts of meat to rest for a few minutes before serving.

Pasta with Pork Bolognese 2
Pork & Pancetta Bolognese

To make this rustic pasta sauce even tastier, try one of these mouthwatering tips: Pour in a splash of whole milk to add creaminess; add a pat of butter to enhance richness; or drizzle in a bit of extra virgin olive oil to add flavour.

Marmalade 3
Sweet & Savoury Bacon Marmalade

Use this sweet and savoury treat as a condiment on everything from sandwiches and wraps to grilled meats and seafood. Or, simply spread on toasted bread or crackers and enjoy.

Seared Pork Medallions with Wild Blueberry Pan Sauce

Pork's neutral flavor pairs well with most fruity, creamy and rich brown sauces. Use this easy recipe for quick cooking pork tenderloin medallions, and switch up the pan sauce for a new taste sensation.

Pork & Mushroom Stroganoff 1
Pork and Mushroom Stroganoff

Using a variety of mushrooms (a combination of white button, crimini, shiitake and/or portabella mushrooms) adds an earthy nuance that elevates the dish to restaurant quality.

Lemon-Sage Schnitzel with Panko Crust 2
Lemon-Sage Schnitzel with Panko Crust

Fry schnitzels two or three at a time to help maintain oil temperature. Cooking in batches helps prevent schnitzels from absorbing too much oil and becoming soggy.

Santa Fe Salad 3
Santa Fe Pork Tenderloin Salad with Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette

No time to cook? Butterflying pork tenderloin cuts the cooking time in half. For easier slicing, chill raw meat in freezer until just partially frozen, about 30 minutes.

Breakfast Sandwich 2
The Farmer Breakfast Sandwich

Sausage patties, like all ground meats, should always be cooked to well-done.

Jerk Fajitas 2
Jamaican Jerk Fajitas

Looking for nutrient-rich fast food? Pork loin and leg strips are two very lean cuts of pork that cook in mere minutes. Cook carefully to prevent them from drying out.

Chilli 1
Sausage and Bacon White Bean Chili

Not all sausages are created equal or made the same. For a stand-out chili, start with high quality ingredients. Visit your local butcher shop for fresh sausages made with few fillers or preservatives.

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