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The facts on phosphorus & manure in Manitoba


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Though fingers point at pork producers, all of agriculture in this province contributes only 15% of the phosphorus to Lake Winnipeg. In fact, the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board created the following list of phosphorus contributors:

• 53% outside sources (32% USA)
• 17% natural and undefi ned sources (eg. septic fi elds)
• 15% agriculture (of which hogs contribute only 1.5%)
• 9% municipal/Winnipeg wastewater
• 6% atmospheric

Source: Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board December 2006 report Reducing Nutrient Loading to Lake Winnipeg and its Watershed

• Manure is a valuable by-product of animals. In fact, the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission stated that use of manure as fertilizer on crop land should be encouraged, where practical, over the use of synthetic fertilizers because it helps build soil.
• Manitoba’s larger pork producers (300 Animal Units or more) submit annual manure management plans, keep detailed manure application records, complete annual soil testing and manure analysis, and share their environmental records with the provincial government.
• By law, farmers must not allow manure to run off into waterways.

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